Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily Star Review


ABOVE: Rumer wowed London's Bloomsbury Theatre
16th September 2010

By Sarah-Louise James, DAILY STAR

THIS velvet-lunged lady will be labelled dinner party music by some sniffy critics.

Whatevs. She has a voice that could melt butter and lightly toast muffins.

And her self-penned songs have romance written through them like Blackpool through a stick of rock.

This was her first big London gig, and you could tell.

Endearingly awkward, she tugged at her dress, teetered on her heels and regularly draped her hair across her face.

But her voice was faultless, especially on the deceptively sweet Slow, which is all about stalker-ish infatuation.

When she announced her “last song”, her enraptured audience booed, to which she replied: “But, we were going to come on and do one more.”

After the “one more”, this rookie diva was duly given a standing ovation.

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