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Rumer (2013)
Official Album "Into Colour"/"Into Color"
Release TBA (expected Summer 2013)

Rumer (2012)
Official Album "Boys Don't Cry"
Release TBA (Expected Feb 2012-May 2012)
Selection of covers.

Official Single CD released 12 Dec 2011:
1. I Want To Roo You
2. We Will

Label: Atlantic Records

Official cd (released 25th October 2010) and digital download (released 18th October 2010) 2nd single: Aretha

1. Aretha
2. The Warmth of the Sun
3. Come Saturday Morning

Label: Atlantic Records

Official CD 1st Single: Slow (released 30th August 2010)

1. Slow

Label: Atlantic Records

Official Digital Download 1st Single: Slow EP (released 23rd August 2010)
1. Slow
2. Healer
3. Moon's A Harsh Mistress
Label: Atlantic Records

Official Album: The Seasons of My Soul (released 23rd October 2010)

1. Am I Forgiven
2. Come To Me High
3. Slow
4. Take Me As I Am
5. Aretha
6. Saving Grace
7. Thankful
8. Healer
9. Blackbird
10. On My Way Home
11. Goodbye Girl
 The two tracks below were included in the deluxe digital download from iTunes or Amazon.
12. Vertigo
13. It Might Be You (theme from Tootsie)

Label: Atlantic Records

Rumer sings on tracks 1 and 3 on a digital EP which was released Jan 2010. Click here to listen to samples and purchase.


1. Moving On
2. Countermine...
3. Wild Mountain Thyme

Rumer and the Denials (2004-2007)
7"Vinyl Single: Come to Me High (released Oct 1st 2007)

A Come to Me High
B Come to Me High (Remix)


It was also released as an mp3 download.

Listen to 30 sec samples here.

Rumer's song Slow (the same song as the lead single from Rumer's 2010 album but this one is an acoustic arrangement) was included on a compilation album: "A Very Magistery Valentine".
This compilation was released Feb 14th 2007, although currently there is a hold on downloads (requested by the publisher) so you can't buy it until it is "re-released" on 30th August. Buy the download here on amazon.  As far as I know this was a download only and not available on cd.

Back in 2005, Rumer's website www.rumer.co.uk was active with a list of gigs and some music samples. Below is a screenshot of the music page.
These are the only ones I know of that were on the website, but there could have been more if they were updated or changed.
Come to me High (Acoustic)
Take me as I am (Demo)*
Slow (Acoustic)
On My Way Back Home (Acoustic, Demo)

 The original demo cd that these tracks were from had at least 10 tracks. 

The website also featured a snippet of lyrics from Rumer's song Messengers.

Presumably there was more material from this time period at the old myspace link: www.myspace.com/rumerandthedenials (This myspace account is now closed - if you have details of any of the content that was on there please email me.)

Rumer and Boozoo Bajou (2008-2009)
Rumer appeared on 3 tracks on Boozoo Bajou's 2009 album Grains. Tracks, Same Sun, Heavy On Me and Messengers feature Rumer as lead vocals. Also, the lyrics for these three songs were written by Rumer. Buy the album from amazon.

Album: Grains (released 20 Feb 2009)
01. Flickers
02. Sign
03. Big Nick's
04. Same Sun (feat. Rumer)
05. Grains
06. Fuersattel
07. Heavy on Me (feat. Rumer)
08. Kinder Ohne Strom
09. Tonschraube
10. Messengers (feat. Rumer)
11. Nebelkloster
Label: Studio !K

Listen to previews of the tracks at Amazon.

Same Sun:


Heavy On Me:

Rumer performed live with Boozoo Bajou to promote the lead single from the Grains album, which was Same Sun:

Rumer Myspace Demos (2007-2010)

This is a list of tracks that Rumer had available to listen to at one time or another on her current myspace link www.myspace.com/rumerlovesyou. The ones with the * I haven't heard. If you know where I can listen please email me. Also, please note there are probably more.

Aretha (Demo)*
Saving Grace (Demo)*
Blackbird (Demo)*
On My Way Home (Acoustic)
Coconut Grove* (offered as a download at some point)
Thankful (Demo)*
Healer (Demo)*
Take me as I am (Demo)*
Here I am*
You Stepped Out of a Dream*
Our Day Will Come*
The Moon's a Harsh Mistress*

Most of Rumer's comments from her myspace have been deleted but here is a message discussing her cover of "The Moon's a Harsh Mistress":
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The moons a harsh mistress

When Steve first suggested that I might sing The moon's a harsh mistress by Jimmy Webb, though I really liked it, I just couldn't see how the song related to me.Still I took away the glen campbell version and listened to it on my ipod. I listened to it on my way to work, on my way home from work, I listened to it when I was hiding from the customers in the toilets at work. I listened to it 100 times. I still didn't understand it. Who was the moon? Why was the moon a she? What did it mean? Why was the moon a harsh mistress? It is rare that a song confuses me, but this one had me scratching my head. What was I going to do? I can't sing a sing that I don't understand....Still, just because I didn't understand it didn't mean I didn't like the song, I did. When Glen hits the high note I would cry, but it remained a mystery. Why did this song make me cry? What was it? It drove me crazy. I dreamed about it.
I walked into the studio the following friday. "About that Jimmy Webb song....." I said as the kettle boiled. Steve looked over his spectacles with one eye still on the cricket scores." "Yes? Great isn't it? " I screwed up my nose. " Steve, I am sorry but I don't think I am going to be able to sing this song. " Why?" I had his full attention now. "Because I don't understand it. I listened to it 100 times, and I don't understand what the song is about. Who is the moon?" I asked, witheringly.
This conversation went on for some time, and continued in the live room. I stood at the mic. We kept discussing it, with me rambling on about something to do with it perhaps representing the eternal feminine or something when Steve, leaned back on his chair and said quietly. "It seems clear to me. That the moon.. perhaps, represents dreams." Silence. . I considered what he said. I thought yes, its perhaps about dreams and maybe its about music itself. Loving music, maybe... I realigned myself with the song and quietly recited the words in my head. It started to make sense to me...reaching for the moon.. and it being such a hard thing to do and everything and trying to make music, and the struggles and the disappointments and having doors slammed in your face and screwing things up, and the beauty and the glory and the defeat and the heartbreak. It was almost like the song is sung from the perspective on an older person to a younger person as a kind of caution to a life of dreaming and music. I mean, only the author really knows what it means, and sometimes they don't even know... so its up to the singer sometimes to feel their own interpretation. I know Wally thought it was something completely different. That's what is so great about songs I suppose... anyway after standing there in the dark at the microphone for a few minutes as I thought about it and started to feel the song in my own heart, Steve tuned on the tape and we played it there and then. This is the recording on here. Its not perfect but it was a moment. I hope you like it xxx Rumer xxx
Stereo Venus (around 2007)
Rumer (aka Sarah Joyce) and Rory More
On the Stereo Venus mypace you can currently listen to:
Blossoms Dream
Mondo Blu
John Sebastian's Girl
Coffee and Honey
She's Gone

Rory More and Sarah Rumer Joyce wrote all of these songs in the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. They debuted at The Sanderson Hotel. Rory plays a 1959 Lowrey Heritage Deluxe Organ. Their debut album, Close to The Sun was produced by Brian O Shaunnesey at Bark Studios ( Primal Scream, Felt, My Bloody Valentine). They got together in 2007 to work on a library project for Italian Publisher Flipper and the result is this album.

The 14 track album, which includes the above myspace tracks, is currently available for download in South Korea. This album was released only in South Korea on 1st April 2010 under the artist name "Sarah Joyce" and the album name "Coffee and Honey", and it is available to purchase from many South Korean music websites. Details below.

Album: Coffee and Honey (Released 1st April 2010 only in South Korea)
Artist: Sarah Joyce
Publisher: JINUROCK
Coffee and Honey album cover

Track list:

1. Blossom's Dream
2. Coffee and Honey
3. Scarlett
4. Darlen
5. Getting That Way
6. Hide-Away
7. Close To The Sun
8. John Sebastian's Girl
9. John
10. Just Climb In
11. Mondo Blue
12. Photographs
13. Portmanteau
14. Don't Fight It

An album with the same track list can be seen and heard in the Flipper music library at www.flippermusic.it under the album name Sophisticated Pop and the artists name "Stereo Venus". You can also to listen to tracks Don't Fight It and Coffee and Honey tracks here.

La Honda (2000-2001)
Only 1 track can currently be sampled at the La Honda myspace link:
Moth in the incubator (Flaming Lips cover)

They released the single 27 Women (used in a Tic Tacs ad), but the track was apparently different to their usual style and didn't feature Sarah on lead vocals. Sample 30 secs of the track here.

Other known tracks:
Tokyo Ladyboy
Let it Shine
Losing Again

Tokyo Ladyboy was reportedly played at live gigs, but I am unsure about the other two songs. They are tracks 2 and 3 on the 27 Women cd single, released April 2001 and currently available on Amazon.

The La Honda myspace currently has the following story:
la honda was born back in the year 2000 in the front of a white van. Malcolm, and his loyal best mate Dave and his teenage girlfriend sarah were all on their way to malcolms mums house in crawley to pick up a sofa.They spent the journey singing mamas and papas songs and taking the piss out of each other.Then Malcolm asked sarah if she would be his singer and in between a mouthfull of salt and vinegar squares, sarah said "ok", and la honda began its epic journey. Sarah was a waitress in a cafe and a nice posh guy called george started working there, he played the bass and began playing with la honda....so there were the four members. La Honda embarked on a Uk tour supporting Drugstore and had a great laugh going from city to city in the back of a van. One of their songs was picked up for an international ad campaign for Tic Tacs so we had about a million boxes. People loved La Honda and they were beginning to pick up some "hype" as they say in London. Everything was starting to go well...... but sarah and dave's relationship was similar to Richard Burton and Liz Taylor.. the bust ups, the walk outs, the shouting. It didn't help that Dave was a big drinker who often turned up to the studio five hours late and inebriated. Sarah and Dave spilt up and the band tried to play together. Meantime, sarah was starting to get shitty with malcolm about his control freakery. Everytime sarah would try and contribute a lyric, Malcolm would seemingly lean back in his chair and belly laugh. So it was only a matter of time before this John Phillips/Mama Cass relationship would turn sour. It all came to a spectalular head when playing a homecoming gig in the Gypsy Hill Tavern one fateful evening. Sarah tried to assert her new found independace by dedicating a song to an Italian boy she had recently met on holiday. A pissed Dave, leapt up from behind his kit started throwing sarah's shoes out of the window and everything else he could lay his hands on, at which point the pub desended on the stage and tables turned over, chairs flew and the band were promptly kicked out. Sarah left town, and malcolm got a new singer called emily. Emily sang very well and was a beauty but the original magic was lost. Even Wayne Coyne commented when he heard the new demos " Where's the other chick?" [...] But here's some of La Honda's brilliant unreleased album. We were so good!!!! We never would have made it, but we had personality.
The below page is from http://www.roscalen.com/LaHonda/index.htm

La Honda are a really cool band who sing the song 27 Women which featured in a tic-tac mints commercial and was released as a single on Morpheus Records.

Sarah Prentice has since been replaced by Emily Smith, who has an equally fantastic voice, and Daron Robinson ofDrugstore joins in on second guitar whenever possible, giving La Honda a rockier edge. They have been gigging regularly around London and Daron has also been producing their new material, which they are hoping to release on a new label called Hotel Gorilla.
The name La Honda comes from revered psychedelic guru Ken Kesey. This Godfather of acid experimentalists boarded his magic bus from Ranch La Honda.
La Honda are:
Emily Smithvocals
Malcolm McQuattieguitar, vocals
Mark George Brownbass
Dave Robertsdrums
Daron Robinsonguitar
Their superbly balanced sound was a joy to hear as they supported Drugstore on their UK spring 2001 tour. After the Nottingham gig on 25/2/2001, Robbie Langton wrote:
"La Honda were very impressive: a remarkably talented amplified acoustic guitarist, Malcolm, who I think wrote their material; a winsome female vocalist, Sarah, with excellent technique who knows, like Isabel, how to communicate with an audience; solid and effective bass guitarist, George; and kit man, Dave. The acoustic guitar lent a sort of Country feel to their material at times – it was Country meets Indie head on and the resultant sparks were beautiful to behold. Their stuff was original: unassuming but not unsophisticated – tuneful and with interesting words. They displayed their range by performing a Flaming Lips cover, Moth in the Incubator, showing they could also pump out the power when it was called for. I particularly enjoyed their light and airy Tokyo Ladyboy, a sort of oriental Lola Cola, only a lot more sympathetic. Apparently the band has recorded a track which will appear shortly in a Tic-Tac advert. This is called Twenty-Seven Women. It has a lot more vocal from Malcom than their other numbers, and it fairly romps along. Not sure whether it will sell the minties, but it certainly sold itself to me!"
After their following night at Manchester, Adam Richards wrote:
"We go upstairs and La Honda are already playing. I love this band. Sarah is a gossamer-voiced young chanteuse who can totally drench a room with atmosphere when she opens her mouth to sing. To hear such easy maturity and grace in a support band’s lead singer these days is a real surprise, and I feel they could go very far indeed. I love their rendition of Moth in the Incubator to bits – I want to own it! – and their own Tokyo Ladyboy is anything but the Finnbarr Saunders innuendo-feast you might expect from the comic title. A sweet ballad addressed to a trans-gendered individual from Japan, it’s a gentle, warm song where Sarah purrs, 'You’re my pride and joy / Tokyo Ladyboy / And I mean it from the bottom of my heart'. Aww! Their Tic-Tac advert song 27 Women is by contrast upbeat and funky in a ’60s west-coast style, sounding like the Mamas & the Papas meet Herman’s Hermits. It has to be a hit – buy it on March 26th, or I’ll sulk, and that’s a promise...."
And I sulked too! But even the single didn't even show off La Honda's full prowess, as Sarah's vocal chords were not at its forefront. As Robbie says, she had a really beautiful voice and it was a major feature on their other numbers. Hot!
In the meantime, here are some photos of their Birmingham Flapper & Firkin performance a few days later on 23/2/2001, including the full-size version of the one above.