Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 Aug: Telegraph article - New face: Rumer

New face: Rumer
31-year-old singer-songwriter Rumer is about to prove that the world really does need her songs.
By Neil McCormick

Who is she?
A 31-year-old mixed race singer-songwriter from the New Forest, by way of Pakistan.

What does she sound like?
Melting chocolate. Rumer has the pure, soft tone of Karen Carpenter floating away on an evening summer breeze in an old Hollywood musical, improbably blended with the no-nonsense attitude of a feisty, London hustler.

How has she got here?
The hard way. The Telegraph spotted Rumer during an all-girl acoustic revue back in 2004, describing her as “young and genuinely talented”. She told our intrepid reporter: “The world needs my songs.” It took her another six years to persuade the music industry of this. Eventually spotted at an open mic night by TV music composer Steve Brown (better known as Alan Partridge’s hapless band leader Glenn Ponder), she signed to Atlantic Records this year.

What are people saying about her?
“After 10 seconds, I was mesmerised,” according to Brown. Burt Bacharach flew her to California to sing for him.

What does she say about herself?
“If Burt Bacharach says you’re good, you have to start believing you’re good, too.”

Does the future look bright?
Her gorgeous debut single, Slow, has been record of the week on BBC Radio 2. Stunning album Seasons Of My Soul is out in the autumn. She is about to prove that the world really does need her songs

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